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Be Careful where you buy your Tungsten Ring

Don't confuse these rings with the so called tungsten rings that you can find on cheap shopping sites. When we bring our rings to the Bridal Shows we love to bring a few of the Rings that we bought for $50 or less at one of these other sites. Couples are immediately amazed at the difference just by looking at and holding the rings

The other thing that is hard to show is what our rings will look like just a year down the road compared to the really cheap rings.


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The Tungsten Carbide Ring

Tungsten Carbide wedding bands and tungsten carbide rings are one of the most incredible pieces of jewelry in our day and age. Unlike rings made of traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, tungsten is almost indestructible. The only thing that can scratch a tungsten ring is a diamond, the hardest element known to man.  With tungsten carbide you no longer need to worry about having your ring bend by slamming in in something. Tungsten rings will not bend, nick and are very scratch resistant.

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