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Tungsten Ring

Natural Tungsten Carbide wedding rings (non-plated) are one of the most incredible pieces of jewelry in our day and age. Unlike rings made of traditional metals such as gold, silver or platinum, tungsten is almost indestructible. One of the few things that can scratch a natural tungsten ring is a diamond, the hardest element known to man.  With tungsten carbide you no longer need to worry about your ring bending by slamming into  something. Tungsten rings will not bend and are very scratch resistant.

A tungsten ring is not indestructible, if it slams on something hard just right, it can break. If they are plated (black, gold, blue) depending on the use, over time they can scratch,  fade or even break. Therefore we recommended adding the life-time warranty 

Life Time Warranty  $99.95/ $49.95

Normally 99.95, on sale for $49.95, (First claim included with the $49.95) 

Exchange  39.95

Ring size Exchange

Warranty - Ring Exchange  $21.95

If you Purchased the life-time warranty you can exchange for $21.95


If you Purchased the Life-Time Warranty, you can get your lost or stolen ring Replaced for $49.95

Special Order $50.00

Special Order Ring

If we have a ring you need in another color or some other adjustment, we may be able to do a special order, contact us first

Damaged RING $29.95

If you Purchased the Life-Time Warranty, you can get your damaged or broken ring Replaced for $29.95

Finger Sizer $4.95

25 Plastic Rings

Measures from 1 to 13 in 1/2 increments

Slip over finger to determine the size

Finger Sizer $4.95

25 Plastic Rings

Measures from 1 to 17 US in 1/2 increments

Slip over finger to determine the size

Tungsten Myth

Emergency removal - A common myth for both titanium and tungsten carbide rings is that they cannot be removed in case of emergency. Both types of rings can certainly be removed in emergency situations, though the methodology for removal will vary – titanium rings will need to be cut through using something like a jeweler’s saw, while tungsten carbide rings will have to be cracked using vice grip pliers or by placing it on a hard surface and turning it over and over while lightly hammering.

How to break with a Hammer

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You're representatives had a great attitude and knew what they were selling. It didn't feel like we were pressured into the purchase like most other places. We were very satisfied with our purchase, and will be buying from you again. Thank you for helping me find my fiancés ring.

~ V. Staney - Phoenix

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time

My fiancé loved his ring from you guys. Thanks

~ M. Potter - Salt Lake City

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Selection, Wait Time

Bruce was very helpful and professional!

~ KELLI NISSEN - Las Vegas

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