Black Style Rings

Black Rings

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TI004 $349.95

Tungsten Black w/Black Carbon Inlay

Polished Shiny - Beveled - 1 Stone

TB008 - 369.95

Tungsten Black & Rose Gold

Brushed - Double Half Groove

Sale - $339.95

Life Time Warranty  $99.95/ $49.95

Includes discounted size exchange! With the lifetime warranty, you pay $21.95 processing per ring exchange (1st exchange is included with the warranty purchase). If you have a lost or stolen ring all you pay with the Lifetime Warranty is $44.95.  The Lifetime Warranty is $99.95 on

Sale - $49.95 

CE022 $364.95

Ceramic / Black Plated

Flat Band - Beveled Edge - 8mm

Sale - $339.95

CE025 $364.95

Ceramic / Black Plated

Pipe Cut - Brushed Center- 8mm

TB026 $399.95

Tungsten Brushed - Black Finish

Pipe Cut - Offset Silver Line -  8mm

SALE - $339.95

TB026D $399.95

Black Tungsten - Brushed - Domed & Gooved

Offset Line - Silver & Black Two-Tone - 8mm

SALE - $339.95

LTP096 $399.95

Black & Rose Gold Plated

Sandblast Finish - 8mm

Sale - $349.95

TB008 - 369.95

Tungsten Black & Rose Gold

Brushed - Double Half Groove

Sale - $339.95

TB009 $399.95

Tungsten Black & Silver

Brushed - Double Half Groove

Sale - $339.95

LTP071 $399.95

Black Plated - Multi-Part Band

Polished Finish - 8mm

LV096G $379.95

Tungsten Sandblast Finish 

Domed Band - Gold Offset Groove

Ring Box 1289 $10.00 

Material: Leatherette

Description: Holds (1) ring. Packer included

Color: Black with gold stripe and black and white interior.

Size: 1-7/8" x 2" x 1-1/2"H

LV102 $329.00

Batman Black Plated Laser Engraved

Polished Shiny - Domed Band  - 8mm

LV100 $349.95

Tungsten - Polished Finish - Superman

Black Domed Band - 8mm

Ring LV150  $399.95 

Material: Tungsten Carbide

Finish: Brushed Finish/ Tree Line

Plating: Black Plated

Shape: Domed band

Thickness: 2.3-2.5mm

Width: 8mm

Sale $369.95

LV145 $329.95

Tungsten Brushed & Polished Shiny

Stepped & Beveled Edges/ Black Plated

LV151 - 299.95

Black Plated Laser Engraved

Polished Shiny - Domed Band - 8mm

Special Size Order


If you need a size we do not carry in your ring add this and type size in comments at check out. Tungsten rings only come in 1/2 sizes.

LV153 $349.95

Tungsten Brushed & Polished Shiny

Black Plated

LV154-6 - 329.95

Grooved & Beveled Edges

Polished Shiny / Black Plated - 6mm

LV154 - 349.95

Grooved & Beveled Edges

Polished Shiny / Black Plated - 8mm

LV157 $349.00

Black Plated - Silver Beveles 

Domed & Beveled Edges  - 8m

LV159 $349.95 

Tungsten - Black Plating Brushed

Flat Beveled Band - 4mm

Sale - $299.95

LV160 $349.95 

Tungsten - Black Plating Brushed

Flat Beveled Band - 6mm

Sale - $339.95

LV161 $364.95

Tungsten Brushed / Black Plated

Beveled Edges - 8mm

Sale - $339.95

LV162 $349.95 

Tungsten - Black Plating Brushed

Flat Band - Stepped Edges - 6mm

LV163 $389.95

Brushed finish Black Plated

Stepped Edges 8mm

Sale - $349.95


Finger Sizer $10.00 

Not sure on size? Order this first

25 Plastic Rings

Measures from 1 to 13 in 1/2 increments

Slip over finger to determine the size

LV165 $349.95 

Tungsten Polished / Black Plated

Domed Band - 8mm

LV159 $349.9 

Tungsten - Black Plating Brushed

Flat Beveled Band - 4mm

Sale - $299.95

Client Love!

Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Selection, Wait Time

~ V. Stanley - San Diego

Janet is incredible, I have never had such a fast response to customer service when we needed to do a size exchange.

~ T. Archibald - Denver

When my Fiance lost his ring and we had to get it replace with a new one, I couldn't believe the super fast response. I'm glad we bought the life-time warranty so it was only half price.

~ Ashle T. - Kansas City

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Is Tungsten hypoallergenic?

Most Tungsten rings are tungsten cobalt. Tungsten Cobalt is 99.5% hypoallergenic. In some cases tungsten cobalt jewelry can cause an allergic reaction in some people. An interesting fact is another form of tungsten alloy using nickel as a binder metal is hypoallergenic, even to people who are allergic to nickel.
We have a lot of customers who tell us that tungsten is the only ring they can wear that does not cause a skin reaction.
If you are sensitive to even tungsten we do have custom made tungsten rings with wood inlay on the inside for super sensitive people. You can find these in our inlay section