Tungsten Ring LV1027

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Material: Tungsten Carbide/ Padauk - Perfect for those with metal allergies
Plating: No Plating/ Padauk Wood Inlay
Finish: Polished Finish
Shape: Domed
Thickness: 2.3-2.5mm
Width: 8mm - Comfort Fit
Size: See Below


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Avoid Harsh Chemicals

All wood rings should be kept away from harsh chemicals. When cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, remove the ring and keep it safe from harm. Abrasives or harsh chemicals can cause pits and burning of the wooden ring. When applying hand lotion, remove the ring as well. You also don’t want to leave chemicals or lotion that is damp between the ring and your skin.

Sun Damage

If you have a job that requires you to be outdoors in the blazing sunshine for hours at a time, you’ll want to think about how those rays will impact your wooden ring. Imagine how your teak furniture looks when it’s spent the summer outdoors. It becomes ashy and gray, which is what can happen to the rich color of your Paduka wood ring. It can be revived with a bit of polish, but it’s best not to allow that kind of sun damage to happen.

Polishing Your Padauk Ring

The wood part of your Pakauk ring was finished with a polish of linseed or tung oil with a bit of beeswax to give it a smooth finish. You can do the same when your wooden ring starts to feel rough or needs a bit of polish. Make sure the ring is clean and dry before you start polishing. Apply linseed oil to the ring and allow it to soak into the wood. This will provide a natural moisture that helps the wood stay supple. The beeswax will give it a smooth, protective coating. The oils from your hand will require that you polish your ring regularly to ensure it stays in peak condition.

This ring has Padauk wood on the inside, We suggest that you add the lifetime warranty. With weather changing from hot to cold, this can cause the wood to separate from the tungsten. This is considered wear and tear and not defective. With the lifetime warranty, you can get this repaired or replaced under the conditions of the warranty. Thanks

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